Selena Gomez Faced Years Waiting for a New Kidney. Why Is the List so Long? - NBC 10/30/17

When singer Selena Gomez found out she needed a kidney transplant she discovered the daunting reality: it can take many years before an organ from a deceased donor becomes available. She also learned the process can be dramatically sped up if a living donor can be found.

Giving a Kidney Fixed My Jump Shot - WSJ 5/7/17

Great commentary in the Wall Street Journal from a kidney donor and the positive impact it had on his life, written with humor and great perspective. Dan made contact with the author, Jim Sollisch, and he’s offered to speak confidentially with any prospective donor candidate who has questions for someone who has actually been through the experience. So if you know of anyone interested feel free to mention that and we’ll get them Jim’s contact info.

A nation divided, even on organ transplants – Boston Globe 12/24/16

Front page article in the Boston Globe on Christmas Eve 2016 highlighting the disparity of organ availability from deceased donors in the various allocation regions in the US. Link below:
A nation divided, even on organ transplants – Boston Globe 12/24/16

7% of Medicare Budget Spent on Dialysis!

Additionally, in our research Dan came across the below-referenced recent article in Forbes, Sally Satel, MD , a former  Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy fellow and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, and kidney transplant recipient herself, who provides a well-researched proposal where under a plan of rewarded donation, an estimated that 5,000 to 10,000 premature deaths would be averted each year. Dan and Sally have exchanged several e-mails and Sally has provided some helpful counsel.  We encourage you to read the article – did you know that 7 % of the Medicare budget is currently spent on dialysis, $ 90,000 per patient per year for a total of over $ 55 Billion per year! Makes you think that we in this country, have it backwards, from a financial, clinical and quality of life perspective.