Through an unexpected chain of events I received an emergency kidney transplant at Brigham & Women's in Boston on Sunday 2/11/18, from the wife of an old college friend/fraternity brother who passed away suddenly. This priceless gift at a time of personal tragedy cannot be adequately described with mere words. Please include the family in your prayers. We appreciate everyone's help and support to date.

Paul Gagnon received a kidney transplant
at Brigham & Women's in Boston on Thursday 6/14/18. We told you about Paul's search efforts while he was starting dialysis, and thank all those involved in helping Paul and his family achieve a successful outcome. 

There are still many people less fortunate, who painfully wait on a list in need a kidney. WE ASK YOU TO PLEASE CONSIDER BEING A KIDNEY DONOR.
Please contact the Donor Coordinator at Brigham and Womens Hospital email: BWHKidneyDonorInfo@Partners.Org and indicate you'd like to be a donor. 

My name is Dan D, I am 60 years young, married, and a proud father and grandfather with a hereditary kidney disease, Alport's Syndrome, now Stage 5 and in need of a kidney transplant. Originally diagnosed shortly after we were married and bought our first home, I've been fortunate enough to receive wonderful medical care from my internist and nephrologist but have reached the point where a kidney transplant is needed. I'm on two transplant lists (Boston and Orlando) for an organ from a deceased donor however the wait is expected to be more than 5 years, which is not feasible. It is an incredible joy to see your children grown up, be successful and have children of their own. The objective now is to be able to receive a kidney transplant and be healthy enough to enjoy the priceless experiences of being able to do various activities with our grandchildren.

I'm adopted so I have no genetic siblings/relatives available. Each of our three children are unable to donate due to medical issues that prevent doing so. Three wonderful family members and friends have so far been tested and ruled out for medical reasons so we're trying to expand our search.

We're looking for a kind, caring person willing to be a living kidney donor. People with any blood type could be a potential donor, as well as with recent improvements in anti-rejection drugs "donor-recipient" matching is now easier.  Also, if you're willing to be a donor but not an appropriate match for me, we'd appreciate if you'd consider participating in a "paired kidney exchange". This kidney paired donation transplant enables two incompatible recipients to receive healthy, more compatible kidneys. In this situation, Donor 1 would give a kidney to Recipient 2, and Donor 2 would then give a kidney to Recipient 1.

All the necessary compatibility testing and diagnostic work-up as well as the procedure itself and follow-up medical care would be covered by my insurance company. Also, we feel strongly that anyone willing to be so generous as to provide the "gift of life" should not incur additional out of pocket or other expenses such as travel, lodging and/or lost wages - so we are prepared to cover those expenses a potential donor may incur.

Please help us spread the word about Dan's search for a living kidney donor by sharing this information widely with family and friends. 

If you would like additional information, or have questions please contact us:
E-Mail Info@AKidneyForDan.com or call us at (508) 419-0811

For more information about becoming a living kidney donor for Dan Desmarais, please directly contact the Living Donor Coordinator at Brigham & Womens Hospital  in Boston.    BWHKidneyDonorInfo@Partners.Org

We deeply appreciate your kindness and consideration

Gratefully yours, Dan D.

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